22 janvier 2020. Première liaison Radioamateur entre l’ISS et une école pour de année

Mercredi 22 janvier à 17:21:36 H UTC se déroulera la première liaison Radioamateur de l’année, entre l’ISS avec le commandant Luca PARMITANO KF5KDP et une école canadienne de Toronto en Ontario.

On pourra écouter les réponses sur 145.800 Mhz FM, les écoles attendent ce rendez-vous depuis des mois
Le dialogue se fera en anglais

 L’événement sera aussi diffusé en streaming sur  www.ariotti.com environ 15 minutes avant le début.

  1. What do you miss most about your usual life?
  2. Did you have an opinion about extra-terrestrial life before being on the ISS; has being on the ISS changed your views? What games do play in the space station?
  3. Do you miss being able to go out for a walk whenever you want?
  4. What personal item did you bring with you and why?
  5. Have you seen space junk? How bad is the problem?
  6. Being a mature woman, I have done a lot of cleaning. Has seeing Earth from near-space given you any thoughts on modifying existing technology, say attachments to airplanes, to help with excess greenhouse gas cleanup?
  7. What are your three favourite things about being on the space station?
  8. What does space look like from the International Space Station?
  9. What are your three favourite things about being on the space station?
  10. Did you always want to be an astronaut? What did your parents think?
  11. Can you play your favourite music on the space station?
  12. What is your favourite view of Earth from the space station?
  13. Does food taste different on the space station?